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Races begin on a wide open starting line, grass, well groomed and fast. The starting distance runs along side of the historical lake.  Aprx 100 meters into the race there is a slight increase in elevation, but most will not notice. As the runners reach the 300 meter mark, the runners take a slight wide turn to the left onto packed gravel trail/road that runs through a few trees and over the narrow part of the lake. At the 800 meter mark, the course turns left into a wooded area for a few meters, out in the open and then back into a wooded trail before returning onto packed gravel at the 1st mile marker. There is a clock overhead at the 1st mile.

The second mile begins beside the lake as the first 100 meters runs along side of the lake with trees on the opposite side. At 1.2 miles the course turns a grassy area that last for aprx 100 meters with a slight increase in elevation. At 1.2 miles the course begins a down slope which carries one back through the crowd and around the small Indian Mound. As the turn heads north, there is another slight increase in elevation as the runners prepare of the "Snake" as our local XC runners call it. At 1.8 the Snake begins which consist of 4 short hits that routes up and down through the trees and spectators! The Snake last until the 2.1 mark that now opens up to another wooded trail. At the 2.3 mile marker the course turns again along side the lake bringing the runners back to the fans. The course now runs through the heart of the park until the last push at the 2.8 mark begins to travel through Oaks and Maple trees. Up next is a turn beside the largest Indian Mounds which points to the finish line. The finish line sprint last for aprx 180 meters outlined with Oaks and Maple trees! The finish line is located just a few meters from the starting area!
A fast course with the male course record at 14:57 and the female record @ 17:53.
The grounds are very historical and well kept throughout the year! It consist of some small packed gravel with lots of grass and dirt trails. Each mile is marked with an overhead clock!

Oakville Indian Mounds